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Thoughts from a winner

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Rosie Lamberson sent us this testimonial about her experience in the Summer Shape-up Contest…

My friend Nancy reminds me that one time I said, “I don’t like competition. I just like to win.” I don’t remember saying that, but I must have, so let’s run with it.

I just turned 59, so when asked by our daughter, Lisa, to join a team of women all under forty for fitness, I had mixed feelings of “Wow, I am wanted!” to, “Oh, no, how am I going to keep up with these young’ins?” Mostly I was honored, so of course I said yes! Then I made a plan, because I didn’t want to let my team down: work out, watch what I eat, drink – water, that is. And keep doing it over, ’til you get it right. That was the plan. And plans are good, but then you have to follow through with plans. Ugh!

That’s where Gary came in, with Tina watching his back and ours. He’d school us, work us out hard, until you thought, “what the H^}# am I doing this for?” Then you were walking to your car smiling at the world, but mostly to yourself for doing the work.

There were lots of fall-off periods. You ask why, because there was a plan in place, right? Well, I have left out a little detail. I am not a shut-in, and here in Flagstaff we see and “visit” (i.e, eat, drink, and be merry) with one another in our little village. So, when I did the “fall-off” thing, the next day I would get right back to that Clean Eating Diet (look it up). And I’d get back to Gary’s where he would shock our bodies into shape. Then it became habit. That something you have to do, but not at first. It was maybe 30 days? Just like they say, it takes 28 days to break a habit. And when Gary said, not until later on, mind you, it’s okay to cheat 10% of the time. That’s when we all took a big deep breath, and also, took a little yardage on the percentage, too, I am sure.

So, here we are, The Phat Fatties. Winners. It was a blast. We laughed at ourselves with one another, but at the same time we encouraged one another to stick with it.

The end of this story is if you get a chance to do something like this, do it! Shifts in life are good for us all, and it was a privilege to be a part of the whole group of teams. And I didn’t let my team down. So I guess I might like competition, a little. We are always learning about ourselves.

Thanks Lis, Britni, Kristine, and Laura. And thanks to Peak Results Fitness for putting on such a great party, with healthy results!

Winners announced!

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The Summer Shape-up contest winners were announced today! Everyone was a winner (really!), but this team lost almost 10% of their body fat over the course of six weeks, kept good Summer Shape-up Winnersjournals, and made great progress in their quest to get more fit. It was a tough contest: all the teams competed fiercely and got great results, which is what Peak Results Fitness is all about. Congratulations to all for the progress you’ve made so far, and the progress you’ll make for the rest of your life. And thanks to everyone who participated, and to our great staff who helped make it possible for every contestant to have such a great experience. To your health!

L to r: Congratulations to the winning team, Laura Wheeler, Britni Montegue, Lisa Lamberson, Kristine Gliege, Rosie Lamberson. Below: Some of the happy participants in the Summer Shape-up Contest and Peak Results Fitness staff. Everyone is a winner! (click on photos to see happy smiles up close)
Participants in the Summer Shape-up Contest

New products coming to Peak Results Fitness

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Whey protein now available at the gym

Performance BIO-WHEY Protein  is here now! Your health and well being is so important to us that Peak Results Fitness is always searching for 100% natural supplements and we’ve found them at Performance Food Centers.  Along with whey protein, we also offer Non-GMO Soy Protein.  All our proteins are bio-available, 100% pure and taste great.

Coming soon! We’ll have our own Peak Results Fitness vitamins: multi-vitamins, vitamin C and EFA oils (fish and flax seed) and more.

Taking care of our clients is our number one priority!

Liquid stevia extract as a better alternative to sugar

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Stevia sweetener is the extract of the stevia plant, native to South America, and comes in a powder form, in individual serving packets (like the low-calorie saccharin-type products you’re used to seeing). For several years, I’d been buying the packets to substitute for sugar in coffee and tea, but I found that it had a bitter aftertaste. I tolerated it, wanting to stay away from processed sugar as much as possible, but I didn’t enjoy it.

Recently though, a friend told me that he buys stevia in liquid form. I decided to give it a try. For about $9 you can buy a 2 oz. bottle with an eyedropper cap so you can add stevia extract drop by drop, to your exact taste. The package says it contains 461 servings, if you use 4 drops per serving, which is a lot of sweet for the money. (FYI, I bought mine at New Frontiers here in Flagstaff.)

What I found is that it’s a perfect way to sweeten my tea without adding any calories, and there’s no aftertaste!

Depending on the recipe, baking with stevia could work. It won’t provide the chemical reaction that some recipes, like meringues, require to work, but if you’re trying to cut empty calories in favor of healthy calories, it’s probably worth a few experiments to see if it works in your favorite recipes, either alone or in combination with a reduced amount of sugar.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Say no to sit-ups!

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Ever wonder why we don’t do crunches at Peak Results Fitness? Here’s a link to an article about why “planks” and “bird dogs” are better than crunches for strengthening your core and keeping your spine healthy.

The man who wants to kill crunches/

Fitness & Nutrition

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It is time to get focused and dial in your diet and training, so you can feel confident about your progress in the Summer Shape-Up Contest!

Three things to get on track with, starting today:

  1. Your nutrition: You need to eat healthy 90% of the time to start seeing your body come to reality. This means you only get 3-4 meals a week to splurge. Missing a meal counts as one of these splurges, so don’t miss any meals so that you can enjoy dessert and then get right back on track. Make sure each meal has protein and a veggie and save your starchy carbs or fruit for post-workout only.
  2. Your workouts: Figure out your plan and stick to it. If you’ve been slacking and not coming in for your strength training or metabolic circuits, get back on track TODAY!
  3. Your head: Yes, so much of this is about what goes on in your head. Start to catch any negative self-talk you have swimming around up there. Focus on where you are going. Negative thoughts will not get you any closer to where you want to be. Think about your thoughts. Write down your goals and think about WHY. If you don’t hit your goals, how will you feel?

To your success!

Wage war on fat!

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Strategies for fat loss

Fat loss is a game and sometimes it’s a very tricky one. How do I know what fat loss is all about? First, you need to forget that I’m a certified fitness coach, forget about my degree and continuing education and forget that I’m in the trenches every day coaching fat loss. I have been on that road myself. I know the emotions, struggles and pressures that you’ll be going through.

Get the Right Mindset

Your head needs to be in the right place and you need to be ready to make sacrifices and to take on the challenges. You have to be ready to wage war with your fat loss program. Be ready to overcome adversity from your friends, family and sometimes even your spouse. If you have the right mindset, you can accomplish anything!

Set goals for yourself, get your team to hold each other accountable. Set goals that are challenging, yet attainable and reasonable. Know what you want to accomplish and be clear on why you want this so bad. WAGE WAR on fat loss!

Plan and Prepare

What are you going to eat and when? What happens if you get stuck at work or on the road and you can’t eat what you are supposed to? Do you have a back-up plan? When is your training time? Did you schedule your time in the gym? The more you know, the more obstacles that you identify early in the first stages, the better equipped you will be to succeed.

Here are some practical ways to do this:

Use your journal and write down your target weight and how you feel e.g. what you look like, what you are doing to get stuff done, ect. Write this in the present tense as though it has already happened and you have achieved the outcome you want.

Create a vision board and put it somewhere you can see it everyday. Cut out images, words, diagrams and photos and make a collage to remind you of what you are trying to achieve.

Check in with our website often for more tips on weight loss, motivation, workouts and a healthy diet.

Lifestyle change is good! (Healthy, too.)

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Hard-earned aphorisms

  1. Don’t diet. The science is clear: diets don’t work. A 2007 study at UCLA showed that a 5 to 10 percent weight loss nearly always comes back, and up to two-thirds of dieters gain back more than lost. The same goes for most gastric bypass surgeries. Both are temporary fixes to a permanent problem: YOUR LIFESTYLE!
  2. Lifestyle change really works. This is the harder, but by far the better solution: Change your routine, your food, your outlook. Ask difficult questions of yourself, and be open to the answers.
  3. Do whatever it takes to keep all processed foods and all high-sugar beverages and foods – including useless fat-free products out of your daily feedings. Making your own food has benefits that go far beyond better health and nutrition. Eliminate all of the junk food, and you won’t miss it. Hear that little voice in your head telling you what you know you need to do, but have been avoiding out of laziness or fear of change? Start listening. It can change everything.
  4. Be healthy because it’s cool. Guess what? It’s good for you, too. Not because you just want to look good, because you want to be alive.
  5. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You have no idea what you can do if you stop listening to a world full of people telling you what you can’t do.

To Your Health!



Summer Shape-up Contest Announced!

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Motivate yourself and your friends to transform with our 2011 Summer Shape-up Contest!

This six-week contest is designed to help you get in great shape for the summer. The team with the greatest overall transformation wins $1000 cash! Contest runs June 15 through July 30. Every participant receives a nutrition plan and food/workout journal, plus at least one group session per week with our fitness coaches.

Register or learn more by downloading the flyer/registration form (128KB)

Sign up today!

Eat More, Lose More!

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“In order to achieve rapid fat loss, you should drastically lower your food intake and consume far less calories”

When most people make the decision to lose weight and get into shape, the first thing they do is make large reductions to the amount of food that they eat and place extreme restrictions on their caloric intake.

Simple Right? “The less food I eat, the more weight I’ll lose.”

Are you kidding? This is one of the most harmful things you could possibly do if your goal is to lose fat and keep it off permanently.


Severe calorie reductions will actually program your body to burn fat at a slower rate!

The human body is a highly complex and sophisticated system that is set up with the ultimate goal of keeping you alive and healthy at all times. When you try to lose weight by starving yourself, your body’s hard-wired defense mechanisms kick into gear as a natural survival response.

Your body has no idea that there is a fridge full of food 10 feet away. When you deprive it of the calories it needs each day for optimal functioning, it makes the necessary adjustments to respond to this perceived “famine”.

Major adjustments are made, and they are directly counterproductive to your goal of a lean, defined and healthy body…

Because fat burning metabolism comes to a screeching halt.

Body fat is simply a stored form of energy, and in an effort to conserve this energy for future use, the body will begin holding onto it rather than burning it. During periods of severe calorie restriction, the metabolic rate can slow down by up to 40%.

So your levels of lean muscle tissue will rapidly diminish.

Muscle is metabolically “expensive” tissue and requires a lot of resources to build and maintain. In an effort to further conserve energy and to obtain a source of much-needed protein, the body will begin breaking down and wasting away your muscle mass.

In fact, around HALF of the weight that you lose during a crash diet is muscle tissue.

So let’s put this together…

When you deprive your body of the calories and nutrients it requires, you begin storing more body fat while simultaneously losing muscle mass.

It’s the ultimate “double trouble”, and is the exact opposite of what you should be trying to achieve.

This is the way you do it:
Make only a slight reduction in calories (about 15-20% lower than what is needed to maintain your current weight), and eat 5-6 meals a day. By doing this you put the focus on taking off body fat at a gradual pace each week, a little at a time. Eat what runs, flys or swims. Eat what grows in the ground or hangs on trees. Eat healthy oils. Such an approach will keep your fat burning metabolism elevated, preserve your lean muscle tissue, and will set you up for healthy, long-term fat burning results that no crash-diet could ever produce.