Peak Results Fitness Protein Powder and Amazing Supplements

We have searched near and far to find the best vitamins and minerals on the market today. We have finally found a company that takes your health needs as seriously as you do. Click the link below to see what we personally take daily.

Protein is an essential element to add to your diet when you work out hard. After looking long and hard, we have found our favorite protein supplements, made by Performance Food Centers from non-GMO, organic sources.

Commonly associated with serious bodybuilders, protein supplements are now recognized as a key macronutrient to a healthy life. Protein supplements are critical in providing faster workout recovery, enhanced immune response, weight management, stabilizing blood sugar, anti-aging, cardio vascular health and increased strength.

Flexible in its use, our proteins and builders can be adapted for use in anyone’s diet. These natural supplements can be added to solid food such as pancakes, baked goods, parfaits and cereals or consumed in a liquid form, such as healthy fitness smoothie, milk or water.

Swiig Daily Whey Protein Powder

Bio-Whey is a unique, all-natural formula made with the highest quality protein blended with only pure extracts, low-glycemic sweeteners and flavoring.

Whey – Most whey protein supplements on the market contain inferior whey concentrates, fillers, artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners. You won’t find any of those things in this bottle. Bio-Whey delivers the purist form of protein to guarantee maximum absorption, utilization and bio-availability. We use only the highest-quality natural ingredients containing minimum levels of lactose. This virtually eliminates typical digestion issues associated with other protein supplements. In addition, Bio-Whey contains a blend of four digestive enzymes to help you break down and utilize every last gram.

Life’s Functions – Protein is involved in many more processes then just tissue repair; it aids in cellular processes, it makes up the major parts of many hormones and it is essential for communications throughout the whole body.

Health Benefits

  • Aids in cellular processes
  • Makes up the major parts of many hormones
  • Essential for communications throughout the whole body
  • Promotes bone health
  • Increases immunity
  • Helps control weight
2.25 lbs. (36 servings)