Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss Research

Recently  a study in the American Journal of Medicine that looked at all the trials on aerobic exercise (14 studies involving 1847 participants) was brought to our attention. The average weight loss after 6 months was 1.6kg (3.5lbs) and after one year was 1.7kg (3.74lbs.) Their conclusion? “Our results show that isolated aerobic exercise is not an effective weight loss therapy.” But aerobic exercise “may still be an effective weight loss therapy in conjunction with diets.”

Alwyn Cosgrove of Results Fitness writes: “It doesn’t work on it’s own, but it might work with diets? Let’s look at what else we know about aerobics and weight loss.

“There are several other studies showing that aerobic exercise has no effect on weight loss when compared to dieting alone. There are a ton of benefits to low intensity aerobic exercise, but time and time again, research and the real world have shown that it’s not an effective tool for fat loss training or really an effective use of your time, if fat loss is your goal.

“For losing fat, strength training is the number one way to make that happen. Metabolic circuits and interval training are number two. But they all fall far short without a solid nutrition plan.

“Fourteen studies on weight loss and aerobic exercise with 1847 participants have failed to show any meaningful results. Isn’t it time we faced the truth that aerobic exercise isn’t an effective fat loss tool?”

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Winners announced!

The Summer Shape-up contest winners were announced today! Everyone was a winner (really!), but this team lost almost 10% of their body fat over the course of six weeks, kept good Summer Shape-up Winnersjournals, and made great progress in their quest to get more fit. It was a tough contest: all the teams competed fiercely and got great results, which is what Peak Results Fitness is all about. Congratulations to all for the progress you’ve made so far, and the progress you’ll make for the rest of your life. And thanks to everyone who participated, and to our great staff who helped make it possible for every contestant to have such a great experience. To your health!

L to r: Congratulations to the winning team, Laura Wheeler, Britni Montegue, Lisa Lamberson, Kristine Gliege, Rosie Lamberson. Below: Some of the happy participants in the Summer Shape-up Contest and Peak Results Fitness staff. Everyone is a winner! (click on photos to see happy smiles up close)
Participants in the Summer Shape-up Contest
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Say no to sit-ups!

Ever wonder why we don’t do crunches at Peak Results Fitness? Here’s a link to an article about why “planks” and “bird dogs” are better than crunches for strengthening your core and keeping your spine healthy.

The man who wants to kill crunches/

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Fitness & Nutrition

It is time to get focused and dial in your diet and training, so you can feel confident about your progress in the Summer Shape-Up Contest!

Three things to get on track with, starting today:

  1. Your nutrition: You need to eat healthy 90% of the time to start seeing your body come to reality. This means you only get 3-4 meals a week to splurge. Missing a meal counts as one of these splurges, so don’t miss any meals so that you can enjoy dessert and then get right back on track. Make sure each meal has protein and a veggie and save your starchy carbs or fruit for post-workout only.
  2. Your workouts: Figure out your plan and stick to it. If you’ve been slacking and not coming in for your strength training or metabolic circuits, get back on track TODAY!
  3. Your head: Yes, so much of this is about what goes on in your head. Start to catch any negative self-talk you have swimming around up there. Focus on where you are going. Negative thoughts will not get you any closer to where you want to be. Think about your thoughts. Write down your goals and think about WHY. If you don’t hit your goals, how will you feel?

To your success!

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Exercises for Everyday

  • No equipment needed body weight and core building exercises to take on the road or to the beach this summer!
  • Here are more than 25 alternative body-weight exercises for you.
  • Pick 2-3 exercise per station and perform 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest between exercises with 1 minute rest between stations.
  • Station #1 Push-ups
  • Close-grip pushups (use ¾ range of motion for maximum triceps work.
  • Decline pushups
  • Elevated pushups
  • Off-set pushups  ( walking off-set pushups)
  • Pushups with feet on the ball
  • Pushups with your hands on the ball
  • Spiderman pushups
  • Decline close-grip pushups
  • Decline  Spiderman pushups
  • Pike pushups
  • Station #2 Lower Body
  • 1 & ½  rep  Bulgarian split squat  (advanced)
    Split Squat with your front foot elevated 6”
    1 leg deadlifts
    1 leg squats sitting back onto a bench
    Deep step-ups  (drop your hips low before doing a step-up
    1 leg squats standing on the bench dropping one foot off side
    Reaching lunges

    Station # 3 Upper Back  – Smith Machine or at the play ground

    • Inverted rows
    • Underhand inverted rows
    • Inverted rows with feet on the ball
    • Inverted rows holding the ends of a towel hung over the bar (advanced grip strength there!)
    • Pull-ups
    • Chin-ups
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