Nutrition is easy!

Popeye downs a can of spinach and defends his only true love Olive Oyl with some crazy strength move only a cartoon character could do. Try that at home and the only thing you’ll be having is the spinach.

“No specific food will make you faster or stronger tomorrow,” says Lonnie Lowery, R.D., PH.D., and exercise and nutrition scientist at Winona State University, in Minnesota. Instead, whatever your goal – packing on muscle, going the distance, or losing that gut – you have to think long-term. “Sports nutrition is all about many factors adding up over time.” In other words, think crock-pot, not microwave. It’s distance running, not a sprint.

So even though you can’t be Popeye, the Sailor Man, the combination of the right foods and drinks can help you train harder and longer, and look great. Your clean eating habits will support good workouts, and good workouts make the most of clean eating. I’ve collected the latest research to help in your efforts to get the body you want.