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How can you motivate yourself? First, have fun! Fun stimulates and excites you to stay accountable. Reward yourself and feel worthy. You’ll feel competent, be successful and see results!

If your fitness coach takes the fun out of your routine, I guarantee you’ll lose motivation.  We need to feel good about ourselves, and fun challenges help us do that.

But what happens to our self-worth when we slip? Maybe you missed a training session or splurged too often, and you feel like you’ve failed. I call these ‘speed bumps’ and they’re part of life.

How do you overcome them?

  1. Stop what you’re doing and start over. Revisit your reasons for getting fit. A mistake is not a failure if the failure leads to success. Success means achieving YOUR goals.
  2. Is your coach helping you stay motivated? A great fitness coach can make a huge difference. What works for one person, may not be a good fit for another. Make a change if you need to.
  3. Build in extrinsic rewards for your successes. Track your results and get praise from your coaches, then reward yourself with (for example) new clothes: “After twenty workouts, I’m going to buy myself some new ‘skinny’ jeans.”
  4. Recognize the intrinsic rewards of working out. Your coach and fitness facility must create the right atmosphere and culture to help you develop an affinity for working out. In the right environment, you will recognize that you love the way you feel when you work out; working out becomes its own reward.

Use all your tools to keep yourself on track. Staying active in your facility’s “shape-up” challenges can help you be motivated when your internal motivation isn’t quite there, especially during your initial quest for fitness. Your internal motivation will help you kick things into high gear over the long run, which over time has greater value.

Motivation tools

When you feel yourself slipping, revisit this list and see where you’re falling short. Which of these tools can you use to address your lack of motivation?

Set goals for yourself. Can you work your way into your skinny jeans? Do you need to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol levels? Can you lower your body fat percentage?


Build variety into your training program. Make sure you’re changing your routine every four to six weeks, not only to keep your body guessing, but to keep you interested in your workouts.


Train hard AND train smart. If you’re not seeing results, you won’t be motivated. Spend 80% of your time on the most valuable 20% of your workouts.


Notice your results. Do you have a before/after picture?What health benefits are you reaping from your fitness routine?


Remember your reasons for exercising. Are you doing it to keep up with your kids? To relieve stress? To address a health concern? Use positive cues to remind yourself of these reasons.


Use your journal to keep track of food and workouts. Journaling helps you evaluate where you need to improve.


Look outside yourself for motivation. When your personal motivation falls short, look for inspiration in fitness books and magazines.


Find a reliable workout buddy. Be a reliable workout buddy.


Are you having fun? Remember that fun translates to more feelings of self-worth, which is self-motivating!


Think right. Is your self-talk undermining your ability to take the right actions? Beliefs are powerful, and you can change them if they’re not serving you.


Remember: see results, feel successful, feel worthy, repeat!*


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Flagstaff Chamber interviews Gary Steffensen

Listen to Gary’s interview with the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce president, Julie Pastrick, as he talks about the release of the book, Results Fitness, how he came to be own Peak Results Fitness and his philosophy of training!

Download the interview and listen with iTunes or Windows MediaPlayer. Gary’s interview with Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce 9/1/2012

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Results Fitness, the book, now available!

Pick up a copy of Results Fitness at the gym, where Gary will be happy to sign your copy, or get one at Mountain Sports’ book-signing event in October! Details to come soon about that event.

The advice from the experts in this book will help you turn your health around. The methods in this book don’t take a lot of time and are extremely effective. These experts bring you the best results and the body you want, using their knowledge, experience and proven methods. Read their chapters and follow their advice. It will truly change your fitness, health and lifestyle, giving you the results you desire!

Can’t wait to get it at the gym, or at Mountain Sports in October? Get it on Amazon

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